During the Spring and summer of 1985 a young swimmer, waterskier, surfer, boater and beach guy looked at his swim towel one day and had a vision  the incredible soft pullover.

Taken from his swim towel and many hours of modifications came the first pullover from a chamois material. This product was tested by professional watersport athletes as well as specialty retailers. The pullovers proved to be ultimate for warmth and comfort after being in the water as well as an excellent form of wind protection. As the journey continued, these excellent, functional pullovers became available to the watersport crowd around the world. These pullovers will last for years and just get better and better with wash 'N' wear, as many of our original customers still own and wear the first generation of pullovers we made in the mid to late 80's

"Our product has been designed with a passion for watersports. Enjoy them."

Mark Lavine
Founder, CEO